Beltane – May 1


Beltane, May 1, The Blessing of the Harvest. We will begin our Star Seed exercises on May 1st with the celebration of Beltane. Join us and learn about this wonderful holiday and the meanings behind it.


The Theme:  The maiden Goddess comes of age. Flora is now in flower and trees, fruits, crops and animals are fertile. Our lady of May grants rebirth to the world.

The alter is wreathed in flowers. Women wear crowns of bright blossoms. Branches of trees are held; the cauldron is filled with good-smelling herbs. This is a holy day, sacred to Brigid, the fairy queen. The circle is case. All is purified, consecrated and admitted; the corners of the universe are invoked. 

Be silent now and contemplate the Goddess’s presence. 

When the time is right, all bless the food and drink on the altar, and fill the chalice full. The High Priestess offers libation by pouring grape juice on the earth. 

Now speak these words and take them to your heart: 

Eternal sister of life, bless our year with wisdom and understanding, replenish our energies and our health, remove all obstacles that separate sisters from each other.

So mote it be! Blessed be!