About the Academy

candles and stones sunsetSt. Bridget’s Academy is located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina. In keeping with the tradition of these mountain people, we utilize natural plants and herbal medicines. Our people have known for centuries about the healing properties of the native plants and herbs. Even the old growth trees in our National Forests contain medicine. We, as the stewards of this Earth, must learn to locate, identify, properly harvest, prepare and formulate this plants for their healing properties and utilize them in our daily lives.

Mother Nature has given us food, shelter, medicine, celebration, clothing, fuel, sacrament, twine and rope and all the things we, as Her children, need to survive.

Like all Mothers, our Mother Earth nourishes and gives life to our world. We must learn to protect these plants and natural food sources and make them part of our life.

St. Bridget’s Academy utilizes the ancient Greek therapies by the Goddess Hygeia, who was the Greek Goddess of cleanliness, sanitation and wellness. She was the Goddess who introduced preventative practices, cleanliness, nutrition and yoga and/or meditation. She was the Goddess who put together the total wellness practice of body, mind and spirit. 

The Academy carries on this practice by incorporating the Hygeia Natural Herbal Healing into our therapies.


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