Manifestation and Transformation

Manifest the world you wish to create. Color your sun lavender. “See” a world of joy, peace, prosperity and love. Brotherhood reigns around the globe. Organic crops grow around the world for healthy, natural food and nutrition. Waters run clear, clean and sparkling. The air is sweet, pure and scented with the smells of the living things growing nearby. Trees reach towards the sky with joy and bend their leaves to catch the rain. Plants grow and thrive in their natural habitats and we live in total harmony with the natural world around us.

Natural plants and herbs take the place of harsh, toxic pharmaceuticals and our world of industry, manipulation, greed and power melts into the fog of a bygone time.

Now we face a new world of peace, joy and plenty. A world where we live in harmony with the natural world. A world in which we seek to help our brothers and sisters around the planet for we are all part of the same world. The are all threads in the same tapestry of Earth and it’s history.

Now it is time to bring forth the great feminine and together in perfect balance and harmony the Great Father and the Great Mother shall join their children at play in the garden of magic and mystery, knowledge and purpose.


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