Manifestation and Transformation

Manifest the world you wish to create. Color your sun lavender. “See” a world of joy, peace, prosperity and love. Brotherhood reigns around the globe. Organic crops grow around the world for healthy, natural food and nutrition. Waters run clear, clean and sparkling. The air is sweet, pure and scented with the smells of the living things growing nearby. Trees reach towards the sky with joy and bend their leaves to catch the rain. Plants grow and thrive in their natural habitats and we live in total harmony with the natural world around us.

Natural plants and herbs take the place of harsh, toxic pharmaceuticals and our world of industry, manipulation, greed and power melts into the fog of a bygone time.

Now we face a new world of peace, joy and plenty. A world where we live in harmony with the natural world. A world in which we seek to help our brothers and sisters around the planet for we are all part of the same world. The are all threads in the same tapestry of Earth and it’s history.

Now it is time to bring forth the great feminine and together in perfect balance and harmony the Great Father and the Great Mother shall join their children at play in the garden of magic and mystery, knowledge and purpose.


A great easy and wonderfully delicious treat!

my jerusalem kitchen

To quote Jonah Hill, yes, “You want these in and around your mouth.”

No matter how much I profess my love for the markets here, nothing can substitute the convenience of Trader Joe’s. When I first moved abroad, I missed it every day. And when I went home for a short vacation, while eating our favorite Trader Joe’s cookie, my friend Henry and I discussed whether or not it would be difficult to try and make them.

I’ve poured over recipes for the last few days, dreaming about making these cookies. No joke. The other day, the pangs of neighborhood construction woke me in the middle of figuring out the perfect ratios to make a cookie with a fine lace though still chunked-full of almonds. My life is so tough, huh?

Nevertheless, I bring you THE BEST knock-off lacey cookies that you can make with minimal ingredients, impress everyone at…

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June is Here!

The month of June has arrived with a special show for all to see. Venus made it’s voyage across the face of the moon on June 5th. What an amazing astrological event that will not occur in any of our lifetimes again. 

Venus brings with it the emotions of love and togetherness. It is a time for our Earth energies to rise again the the side of love, nurturing, sustainability and brotherhood. 

America is an amazingly powerful nation and when we turn our attention away from “War Games” to those of Brotherhood, Assistance, Peace and Compassion we will all flourish as a unit on this planet. There is no longer room for war and tyranny.

Now is the time for all good women to rise to the pull of the Feminine Energies surrounding our planet and be the care-givers, life-givers, nurturers we were meant to be. We can create peace, love and compassion on this planet. 

Kitchen Wonders and Blunders!

We ordered a new stand mixer off the internet. When it arrived on set of the blades did not properly attach to the mixer. After trying to attach it, I turned it on low and started to mix the shea butter and aloe juice. When I turned it up to medium, the blade flew out, covered my face and the wall with moisturizer. So glad it was all natural! Made arrangements to ship it back and got online. What did I find? A special online deal only from Target. I got a great quality stand mixer and it is stainless steel not plastic for a special price of only $39.95. Now that was a good deal!

Spring Cleaning: How to Cleanse your system and help it against disease!


Bumping up the fiber in your diet can help you avoid these conditions, or deal with them in a healthier way!

Diabetes: Fiber helps improve the way your body handles insulin and glucose. That means you can lower your risk of diabetes by eating whole grains rather than refined carbohydrates. Dark rye bread, whole wheat crackers, multi-grain bagels, and bran muffins are good choices.

Heart Attacks and Strokes: The soluble fiber in foods like oatmeal, okra and oranges helps eliminate much of the cholesterol that can clog your arteries and cause a stroke or heart attack.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids: Apples, sweet potatoes, barley, and pinto beans provide this roughage. This type of fiber keeps the stool moist, soft and easy to eliminate.

Appendicitis: Treats like apricots and peaches are a tasty way to keep the bowel content soft which is the best safeguard against appendicitis.

Diverticulosis: As your body processes fibrous foods like peas, spinach, and corn, it tones your intestinal muscles. This helps prevent pouches, called diverticula, which can cause abdominal pain if they become inflamed.

Weight Gain: The best way to lose weight is a low fat, low calorie vegetables and grains. The more bulky fiber-rich foods you consume the less fat you will consume. Fiber swells and makes you feel satisfied faster. If you want dessert, choose fruits like plums or strawberries.

Impotence: Navy beans, brussels spouts, and zucchini squash and other fiber-rich vegetables help maintain strong blood flow by lowering cholesterol and keeping vessels unclogged. Beans, in addition, contain L-arginine, a protein that helps improve impotency.

Cancer: A high fiber diet defends against colon and rectal cancers in two ways. The more animal fat in a diet, the higher the incident of bowel cancer. Healthy portions of fiber speeds cancer causing compounds out of the digestive system more quickly, before they can cause trouble.

People who load their plates with whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables will stay healthier for it. Fiber is a protector against other considerations, like gallbladder disease, varicose veins, and hiatal hernia.

Welcome to St. Bridget’s Academy

We are pleased to have you visit our site and read out posts. St. Bridget’s Academy is located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, where magick still exists in the forests, woodlands, plants, herbs, animal, water, air and earth.

While you are here, we also hope you visit the blog of Raven Winterhawk, a High Priestess of the Mother Goddess. Raven assists us at the academy, sets appointments and meets with clients for special consultations, “focused intent” formulations and special signature scents. Her consultations are held in the strictest confidence and files are encrypted and stored off location daily. You can find Raven’s Blog at: Enjoy her lively and entertaining posts!

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As you walk the road of life, May Peace be your Journey!